Welcome to the first edition of the Daily Search Coverage at the Cartoon Barry Blog. I wanted to have a centralized location to place all the stories I covered at the different blogs I write at. Plus I may share some SEO and SEM tips for you here on occasion. So what happened today in the search industry?

To listen to Cartoon Barry, click the play button below my feet.

Search Engine Roundtable Topics:

  1. Microsoft adCenter Reports Incredibly Delayed – tisk tisk tisk MSN!
  2. Yahoo!’s Panama PPC System Delayed Until Q4 – ouch, serious ouch for Yahoo!
  3. Yahoo! Asks For Feedback on PPC Ads – feedback, enough feedback, let’s see results
  4. Google AdWords Ridding Themselves of Affiliates – Kinda a sad story
  5. Click Pirates Looting & Recruiting – love that term

Search Engine Watch Topics:

  1. Yahoo Delays Launch Of New Ad System, “Panama” – yea, not good
  2. Reporting Data Delayed At Microsoft adCenter – yea, Danny wanted me to cover this also
  3. Yahoo’s Stock Falls On Panama Delay & Q2 Earnings Release – and I own some token shares
  4. Google Says Goodbye To Affiliates? – same deal, good story
  5. Yahoo Revamps Behavioral Targeting Platform – this behavioral stuff creeps me out
  6. What Do Google’s Leaked Spidering & Ranking Factors Mean? – pretty fun, but long
  7. North Korean Missiles & Chinese Helicopter Training Site On Google Earth – this one is fun but scary
  8. 11 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Site – nothing like an extra tip for free
  9. Google Finance Adds Suggest Auto Complete & Conference Call Transcripts – dont forget about this

I will be cleaning up this site over the next few days and adding more features. RSS feeds, resources, more about me, etc….

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  1. Ben

    Love the cartoon, pretty neat. You should get a name change to “Cartoon Barry” and nix the Schwartz. But more authentic.

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