Diverse day in search news today. I covered lots of different news from include Yahoo partnering with Motorola – now that is a light bulb idea, Microsoft’s search engine goes down, and the ads are slow so they tell Google we want your competition. Also, we look at Google AdWords Quality score again, we look at Google’s exchange rate woes, a labs project that makes Google search more accessible to the visually impaired, and we look at Google Bench ads. Just added, Ask RSS Smart Answers & Google refinement pull down menus.

Click on the play button above to hear a custom roundup news message, this time with my real voice.

Search Engine Roundtable Topics:

  1. The Yahoo! Light Bulb: Similar Searches – Ah ha!
  2. Pausing & Resuming Microsoft adCenter Ads Dangerously Slow – this is completely out of hand!
  3. Google Won’t Budge on Exchange Rate: What Can You Do? – I can’t figure out why Google doesn’t want to spill the beans
  4. Those Not Hit By Google’s New AdWords Landing Page Quality Score – good to know who is doing well
  5. Reports of MSN Search Being Down – where did ya go?
  6. Inactive Keywords May Show on Google’s Content Network – old stuff I guess, but still, interesting
  7. Google Selling Ads on Benches? Google Bench Ads? – I was wrong, but I was tired
  8. Introducing the Cartoon Barry Blog – that’s me!
  9. Google Adds Drop Downs To Co-Op Topics Refine Results – never seen that before.

Search Engine Watch Topics:

  1. Google Behind Others, Again, Catching TagJag’s New Name – this weirdness happens often
  2. Motorola To Add Yahoo Go for Mobile On Phones – smart move Yahoo!
  3. Microsoft Says Vista & Other Operating Systems Will Allow Search Engine Choice – again, this is a smart move on Microsoft’s part
  4. Amnesty International Asking Users To Pressure Google, Yahoo & Microsoft Over China Policies – tired of politics, really am
  5. Google Won’t Reveal Details Of AdWords Exchange Rates – duplicate but worthy
  6. Google Scholar Trademark Case Settled Out Of Court – ok, we give up
  7. Google Labs Launches Accessible Web Search – I am sure they are not the first, but it is Google, whipie!!!
  8. Ask.com Adds RSS Smart Answers – doesn’t work 100%, but good enough for now

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  1. Ira Lipschitz

    Cartoon Barry looks a little military-like in that RB uniform. I may be interested in joining your army if you’ve got any openings for middle aged, pot bellied mercenaries. Oh…and what’s the deal on the backpack thing you’re wearing? Good luck on the new blog.

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