Today in the search news I covered topics from Wall Street to Wild Fire Real Time Databases. I covered the second quarter revenue reports from Google and Microsoft. I also wrote about AdWords getting back a positive report that called their click fraud detection practices to be “reasonable.” Plus if you are in the AdWords quality hole, read some tips we posted below. If you get screwed and you’re an SEO, you can screw them back. Oh, let’s not forget that you can learn those tips by reading our Search Engine Strategies coverage on August 7th. Plus more, check below.

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Search Engine Roundtable Topics:

  1. San Jose Coverage Now Posted – over here
  2. Ask Adds RSS Smart Answers – very cool feature, way too smart!
  3. SEOs Are Powerful: They Can Blackmail You – don’t mess with us!
  4. Cre8asite Forums Down? – we’re back up!
  5. Google AdSense Released Site Diagnostic Tool – useful tool, in many ways
  6. Google More Than Doubles Profit – money, money money ayyy
  7. Improving Your Google AdWords Quality Score – most important post of the day

Search Engine Watch Topics:

  1. Google Announces Great Second Quarter Results – from last night
  2. Google Adds RSS To Google Base Results – I am told it was there since mid-May, at least
  3. Site Diagnostics Tab Added to Google AdSense Console – yes, it is that useful
  4. Google Finance Leaks Version Two Information – too funny, borg! scrooge!
  5. Microsoft’s MSN Revenue Declined 3% Year Over Year – but wait until you compare next year
  6. More 3D Maps, an iTunes Video Podcast Directory, .CA Goes Mobile & Wildfires Database: Specialty Search Wrap Up – lots of goodies here
  7. Independent Report: Google Click Fraud Detection Practices Are “Reasonable” – good for Google, good for advertisers (advertisers, read that report in detail!

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