top_logo-ikea.gifLast night, my wife and I came how from work about the same time, and she asked me if I wanted to return some of the items we got from our gift registry to Crate & Barrel. I immediately said OK, but then I thought, um, is this just returning? I wanted to spend the time with Yisha but I didn’t want to shop. Anyway, I went.

Part of the deal was that I can pick up food from a place I like to eat at, in that area. So we went there first, she drove from the restaurant while I ate the chicken. I ate it with my fingers and made a mess in the car, but the food was well worth it.

Anyway, we arrived at Crate & Barrel and walked in to return things. Took about 15 minutes or so to return everything, we got store credit. I personally do not like store credit, because that means there is a reason to go back to the store. Guess what? We decided to browse the store while we were there. We found a few things and then marched towards the register. On the way, my wife asked a lady for suggestions for something. She recommended we go to Ikea — eeek!!!

We pay, pull out of the store and go to Ikea. Now, I don’t know if you guys have ever been to an Ikea. If you go in, it will take you at least 30 minutes to get out. They force you to walk through almost every department, oh yea, they have shortcuts but …

Anyway, I really hate shopping in stores. Thank god for the internet!

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  1. Andy Hagans

    Crate & Barrel, good taste. Although you should go easy on Ikea, consider it a fun maze you can walk through!

  2. Barry Schwartz

    Fun maze, blah. Walking around to find too many options and never making up your mind. I walked out with a vase, when we came for a table and something else, I forget.

  3. chris boggs

    haha Barry sounds fun. mmmmm chicken. I personally love Popeyes but my wife hates it so I occasionally have to barter to get it. Totally agree about Ikea…what a maze. You better not have returned our gift…I’ll look for it when I visit! What was it again? :p

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