What is my typical work day look like? Good question. Here it is.

5:45AM the alarm bell rings. I wake up right away and check email. Then do the morning stuff.
6:00AM leave home to do some religious stuff
6:30AM – 6:45AM I come back home and say goodbye to wife and off to work
7:00AM I am at work and begin research and blogging at the Search Engine Roundtable
8:00AM I hope to be finished with the Roundtable and then move on to Search Engine Watch Blog
9:00AM I get down with real business and work with RustyBrick stuff most of the day
11:30AM Tuesdays – Fridays, if I am in the office, I try to catch the Daily Search Cast
12:00PM – 6:00PM I work and also may do some blogging at various blogs
6:00PM I try to leave around now, sometimes I don’t until later
6:15PM I get home and turn computer back on to work. Some nights I play basketball, some I help around the house, some I sit in front of TV with my laptop and girl. đŸ™‚

Sleep, I try before midnight.

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  1. Caydel

    I couldn’t do this. I am the type of person who needs the solid hour to wake up – before then, I am just ‘slow’.

    Kudos to you for the quick wakeup!

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