index1520060424.png Sometimes, when the track pad is moist from the moisture in the air, the moisture on my fingers or just some heat, the mouse control is unbearable. Just before writing the entry before this one, the whole entry was deleted because of a track pad issue, accidently hitting the refresh button at the top of the window, when I was pointed at the middle of the screen window.

Normally, I dry my fingers and the track pad and it fixes itself. But sometimes I need to reboot the computer. This is one of those times.

Anyway, I hope the new MacBook Pros don’t have this issue. I suspect when the developer conference happens the second week of August, the new MacBook Pros will be released and then I will be able to purchase the 2nd generate MacBook Pro. A stage of MacBooks that I have been waiting for before making the purchase.

I have this thing where I try not to buy a first generate laptop from Apple. Let the first batch of consumers, early adopters – you may say, work out all the bugs, kinks and quirks with the V1s and then let me buy the V2. I hope the V2 MacBook Pros have a black version, like the MacBooks do. I may be crazy enough to spend a few more dollars just to get it in black.

Ok, and I hope they fixed the track pad issues.

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  1. Andy H

    Apple (and all companies, really) screw the early adopters time and time again.

  2. Jaimie Sirovich

    Barry, isn’t this a problem with _every_ laptop? I mean c’mon, Apple makes some great hardware, but they don’t make the trackpad. Everyone’s trackpad did this, I thought.

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