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Do You Wash Your Hands? Singing Soap Dispenser

WebMD has an article says 2 Out of 3 Americans Don’t Wash Hands. Wow! Shocking! A thousand Americans participated, evenly split between men and women. All were at least 18 years old. Here are the percentages who admitted they might not wash their hands properly in these situations: – After sneezing or coughing: 37% –


Pleo Release Date Delayed :-(

The Pleobot blog reports that the Pleo’s release date, which I thought would be 12/24 is now sometime in March! I want one already! I am a kid! Give me it! Just kidding… Why are they pushing it off? Well to continue to make it better and more life-like; At Ugobe, we are committed to

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Can an Outsourced Site Be a Success?

Anyone in the web dev business can relate to this. There are two extremes to the type of client you may get. The first extreme are those clients that are 1000% devoted to making the site a success. The second extreme are those clients that don’t want to be bothered and don’t want to lift

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Google News RSS Management Poor?

As I said, I live and die by Bloglines and RSS. One of my biggest pet peeves is how Google News RSS is managed. Like I said, if I read something once, I do not wan to see it again. But when it comes to subscribing to a news search at Google News via RSS,

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Bloglines Really Slow Updating Today

The one bad thing about being so dependent on a free service is that you have no one to hang when it is not operating at optimal performance. I was just praising Bloglines – and how it changed my life along with RSS and now I am barely able to breath without it. Bloglines has

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Google Apps, Y! Blog Search?, eBay & Google, G Sued, Google Seattle, MSN Rollback, Pluto, Philipp Weds

The big new is that Yahoo! simply dropped their blog search feature, just dropped it completely. They did not tell anyone prior that they are doing maintenance or pulling it, they simply just yanked it. Honestly, this seems very strange to me. Yahoo! isn’t dumb, if you remove Yahoo! Blog search, it is removed from


Mac Guy That Hates “Get a Mac” Commercials

I am a Mac guy, if you didn’t know by now. But I really hate the “Get a Mac” commercials. They make Windows users look dumb and like victims. Is it just me that dislikes these commercials? More ads at http://www.apple.com/getamac/ads/.