The big news today is that an AdSense publisher with a PhD sued Google after being kicked out of the program for clicking on her own ads. Why is she suing? Well for a couple reasons, but she claims she spent 100 hours adding the Adsense ads to her site – 100 hours!!! Ha ha. Also, a reminder, we will be conduction the first edition of the Search Pulse this coming Tuesday at 5pm (EST), make sure to tune in! TrueLocal launched their Canadian version of the site. I posted a beginners guide to Google AdWords. I also covered tips on getting into local engines as well as understanding the popular Matt Cutts shocked the SEO industry by saying that keywords in URLs help. added smilies to their Smart Answer product. I also covered a post on a WordPress plugin that beautifies AdSense ads. Finally, there is an excellent WebmasterWorld thread where they rank Google, Yahoo and Microsoft’s PPC engines on eight different factors.

Search Engine Roundtable Topics:

  1. Bradley Sues Google AdSense Over Ban & Violation of TOS – You kidding me?
  2. AdSense Beautifier for WordPress – ooo pretty
  3. Ranking Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing & Microsoft adCenter – looks kinda spammy that post
  4. TrueLocal Launches Canadian Local Search Engine – love the design
  5. Beginner to Google AdWords? – useful to some
  6. The Search Pulse Live, Sept. 5th at 5PM EST – exciting!

Search Engine Watch Topics:

  1. Tips On Getting Listed In Local Search Results – useful
  2. Understanding – good work Vwag
  3. Keywords In URL May Help Rankings, Google’s Matt Cutts Says – wow! more here
  4. Google Uses AdWords Conversion Data To Fight AdSense Fraud? – Punch Out!
  5. Adds Emoticons Or Smiley To Smart Answers – Cute Answers

Website Comments

  1. Hawaii SEO

    Hi Barry,

    If you had stuck around for the Q&A session on the Arbitrage session at SES, you would have heard Kim Malone answer my question about blending ads with images and other formatting tricks.

    I asked Kim where Google draws the line on these things. How far can I go when using images numbers and other formatting tricks to seamlessly blend ads into the copy of the page in such a way as the user does not recognise that they are about to click on an ad?

    I expected her to say something about there needs to be a line or so many pixels distance or whatever… But I guess that’s not the case.

    Kim said that Google does not make any judgements on these issues.

    They use conversion data to help them with these issues but she didn’t elaborate on what she meant about that.

    ShoeMoney wrote something about it in a post titled: “Head of Adsense sheds light on Googles strategy to combat MFA websites”

    Things that make you go Hmmmmmm.

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