Not much I can say, I knew that Danny was going to announce his resignation from Search Engine Watch and Search Engine Strategies for almost a week now. But it still came as a shock to me when I finally saw the post live at I have some detailed posts on that in my coverage below.

On other search news, Yahoo! revamped their Real Estate portal, there are some bugs with the new features – maybe they will pull it (just kidding). AOL relaunched their music portal. Flickr added this very cool geo tag feature, a must see. Google AdWords added an opt in and valuable email alert feature. Google fixed their related search command. I covered the forum buzz on Google and eBay’s partnership. Finally, I looked at some people who place AdSense ads in their forum signature files.

Search Engine Roundtable Topics:

  1. Danny Sullivan To Leave Search Engine Watch :: Search Industry Shocked – ö
  2. Using Google AdSense in Your Forum Signature File – not cool?
  3. Google & eBay Work Together – too funny
  4. More Changes to Google’s Related (Similar Pages) Command – Matt Cutts commented
  5. Google AdWords My Client Center Adds Email Alerts – Nice addition
  6. Reaction from the Search Community on Danny Sullivan’s Departure – a must read, I think ö

Search Engine Watch Topics:

  1. Yahoo Revamps Real Estate Portal – Um, many shortcuts dont work
  2. Flickr Adds Geo Tagging – very cool
  3. AOL Launches New Music Store – The Portal

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  1. Hawaii SEO

    Danny will do great! I’m not so sure about Incisive Media, but who cares about them? I never even heard of them until they purchased the website and conference. (Incisive Who?)

    I’m sure Danny knows exactly what he’s doing.

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