One of the stories I covered today was about how Google may be classified as an investment fund company because they have more than 40% of their assets in investments. While I was covering the story, I was on the phone with someone. We were talking about scheduling something on a Monday. But at the same time, I was writing the title of the blog post.

Original (Typo) Title: “Google Has Too Much Monday, Possibly Classified As Investment Fund”

Real Title: “Google Has Too Much Money, Possibly Classified As Investment Fund”

I bolded the typo to add some emphasis.

So if you did a search in Google News for Google throughout the day you may have seen:


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Yea, pretty embarrassing. But also a bit funny. I actually got Monday to be bold by searching in Google News for monday. 🙂

I was wondering why I didn’t get a hundred emails from people who noticed this typo. I mean, it was like that for well over an hour. So I asked the IRC WebmasterRadio.FM chat room and one person said…

that is actually pretty funny…. I saw that in my RSS reader and, while it confused the hell outta me, I just accepted it that you guys knew more than me, and it was some type of weird investemnt-related terminology

Wow, dangerous.

Sorry about that guys.

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  1. dazzlindonna

    I saw it. I was confused. I figured it was some financial term that I had never heard of.

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