treo_700p.jpgWhoo hooo! I just picked up a new Treo 700P in preparation for the new MacBook Pro I am getting tomorrow. Why did I pick it up before I got the new Mac? Because I wanted to sync up the new Treo on the software that I know works right now. Upgrading, who knows, but may break the syncing software (Missing Sync).

I am so psyched to have this new phone for a few reasons:

(1) I can use the EVDO high speed network and tethered via Bluetooth to my MacBook Pro. This way when I am anywhere, I can use high speed Internet via my phone on my laptop.
(2) I can get phone calls while using the Internet. When I got phones on my Treo 650, while using the slow internet, it went into voicemail right away (Verizon network). Now, with the new EVDO network, I get the call and I can choose to ignore it or not. My wife and business will like that feature.
(3) The phone is more solid and has more neat features and design to make it more usable.

Those are main reasons. Already synced up in a matter of 5 minutes.

Tomorrow when I get the MacBook Pro, I sync up with this computer to the new one. Then after it is all working, I then work on the tethering part, which should be easy.

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  1. Tanker10a

    I have the MBPro, I have the Treo 700p and I cannot HotSync with the Missing Sync. I keep getting corrupted Conduits from the MissingSync.
    Any ideas? Because MarkSpace is telling to do all the things that I have already done. Without MissingSync, the device sync with Entourage with no problems. All the other Conduits sync fine except the Entourage Sync. In fact, I have isolated the Entourage Conduits and I have concluded that is the culprit subsequent to multiple installations and editing the sync profiles.

  2. Susan Benz

    I just bought the Treo 700P and am having the same problem as Tanker10a, except that it worked perfectly until I got connected to the Verizon email to the Treo. As I understand it, the Verizon email defaults to the Palm calendar and I dont know how to change that setting. Any help? Susan

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