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Danny in Lederhosen – Need I Say More?

http://www.ask.com/web?q=lederhosen http://images.google.com/images?q=lederhosen http://images.ask.com/pictures?q=lederhosen Click for a larger image. Need I say more? Want the story behind it? See here. Forum discussion at Search Engine Watch Forums.


Sitting In the Airport With the Wife

I am in San Jose Airport with the wife waiting to go through security. We are here pretty early so we decided to hang out in the cafe area prior to going through security. The airport seemed pretty slow and nothing crazy going on here just yet. I did see a cop with a pretty

Daily Search Coverage

SES Day Four – Phew – We’re Done

I did not forum coverage today, zero, I hope to be able to do some tomorrow. I will be taking a red eye, with my wife, tonight. We don’t arrive in New York until after 6am tomorrow, which may be later, with all this airport security stuff going on. But we did cover the sessions


Last Day of SES a Ghost Town

Typically, the last day of the large SES conferences (4 day conferences) tend to have an abridged version of the 3 previous days. This is the day where Danny, moderators, and speakers, plus the remaining attendees tend to sit back and relax. But boy does a huge convention center look empty when most the people

Daily Search Coverage

SES San Jose 06 Day Three — Tired Again

Ok, I am zonked. Just got back from a drive to San Francisco. We went out to eat, but the place was not worth the trip. It was nice going to SF with the wife. SF is a nutty place, all those hills, crazy. Posted pics at flickr. Anyway, did some search coverage today, of


Loud Typist is Back

Honestly, I am not crazy, this is the loudest typing I have ever heard. He is in this very quiet press room, all you hear are soft taps from around him and then his bass like echos of the keys he is pounding on. He is back.


The Google Dance Party 2006

Proof I actually went to a party. Well, honestly, I never missed the Google Dances since going to SES San Jose. Here is a picture of Danny Sullivan, Yisha (my wife) and myself at the Google Dance. More pictures here.

Daily Search Coverage

SES San Jose Day Two – Less Tired

First, it is so cool that people asked if I was still tired. I am less tired now, but I have yet to go to the Google Dance, Yisha and I leave for that in about an hour. See you there… So let’s see what I wrote today in search…. Search Engine Roundtable Topics (Pre


SES San Jose Day One — Tired…

So Yisha and I got into San Jose last night, flight was early, everything so far is working out nicely. Came into the hotel that night, saw Danny Sullivan & Chris Sherman welcoming those who entered the hotel. Well, they happened to be there – I believe Danny had some reservation issues… Saw a few


Tim Mayer, Joshua Schachter & Others From Yahoo!

Tim Mayer first took a picture of me and DaveN, so I snapped him back, but he was on guard. Joshua Schachter of del.ici.us owned by Yahoo! on that panel. And the rest of the Yahoo! Team; Flickr, Trip Planner, etc. Next up Google…