Rand has stuck out his head on this post named Ranking 50 Top Blogs in the Search Space, where he ranks, in order of which blogs he feels are most important, the top 50 SEM blogs in the search space. Of course, I am personally happy with the list, being that I write at the number one blog (SEW Blog) and the number two blog (SER Blog). I will stick my head out by making my own personal changes to his list.

I would swap Threadwatch with Google Blogoscoped. I agree that the Yahoo! Search Blog should be hire than the Google Blog. I would move Jeremy Zawodny blog down the list, since he often goes off the search topic and move up StuntDubl, since his posts are often, down right awesome, when he posts. I have become a huge fan of the BruceClay.com Blog, move that up the list to lower 30s or upper 20s. Fantomaster hasn’t been updated in ages, so I really don’t think it should be there, along with the others that are stale.

I will be following up with my list of the blogs I am most likely to click through and read more detail on, from my RSS reader.

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  1. Barry Schwartz

    I guess your comment is sarcastic. In no way to I suggest you only write about search. Your blog, your topics. I am just commenting from a “top search blog” perspective only.

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