Let’s start with Microsoft. MSN named their crawlers today and they issued an announcement about a new upgrade for adCenter that will be coming soon. AOL will be launching a new video portal and we have a new tool that utilizes the Yahoo link command. Now Google, we looked at weirdness between AdWords ads on search results versus map results. Also, we analyzed forum chatter with the NO ODP tag hurting a site’s rankings. We also explored when a search listing may or may not be indented. Google has a bug with the Google Toolbar that kind of benefits them. Google began paying off some news sources for Google News. And finally, Matt Cutts answers some SEO question on Google Video.

Search Engine Roundtable Topics:

  1. AdWords in Google Web Search Versus Google Maps – interesting results
  2. MSN Crawlers Are Named – celebrate!
  3. Can Adding the NOODP Tag Hurt Your Google Rankings? – nah…
  4. Google Loosing a Grip on Indented Results? – get a hold of yourself!
  5. Microsoft adCenter Upgrades; Including Firefox Support – about time!

Search Engine Watch Topics:

  1. Google Toolbar Bug Warns Against Use Of Other Search Engines – too funny
  2. AOL Video To Launch New Video Portal – portal & media company
  3. Site Geolocation Tool Sorts Backlinks By Top Level Domain – nice tool
  4. MSN Assigns Names To Vertical Search Crawlers – yea yea yea
  5. Google Paying News Sites For Google News Syndication? – questions…
  6. Google’s Matt Cutts Answers Questions On Google Video – thanks Matt

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