As many of you know, I got my MacBook Pro this Friday. Towards the end of the day on Friday, I tried transferring all the data over from the PowerBook G4 (PB) to the MacBook Pro (MBP) using the migration assistant. That failed three times, even after calling Apple Support.

So Saturday night, I spent a few hours manually moving files and applications over from the PB to the MBP. I booted up the PB into a FireWire drive mode, and then mounted the PB drive to the MBP via the FireWire ports to drag and drop files over. Firewire is soooo quick!

Most everything went over smoothly and I was able to ditch a lot of apps and files I no longer need. I even spent a lot of time moving over preference files, this way I had some of the settings I first had on my PB. Moving over the mail files and address book and iCal events wasn’t too bad either.

I am now writing this on my MBP and the MBP is now my primary computer.

What remains:
– Still need to figure out how to tether the MBP to the Treo 700p, it failed several times last night, Ill keep trying. If it continues to fail, Ill call Verizon Monday.
– Need to set up the Mac to run Windows in Parallel
– Need to install some new software, Intel based versions, and find old registration codes that happened not to work after migrating
Set up my palm sync software, the Missing Sync (excellent software)
– Set up * Phone & iTunes integration script
– Set up local server passwords
– Need to configure Carbon Copy backup solution with new MBP
– Go to all the sites that require passwords and reenter them (shouldn’t be a big deal).

I plan on holding on to my PB for at least a week, to make sure I moved everything over.

Then I completely reformat the PB, and give it to a family member for them to use.

Almost there… But I am able to work efficiently now.

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  1. Johan Olie

    Where did you find the registration codes for Missing Sync? My version did not work on the macbook (coming from ibook g4), but now i cannot find the codes to reinstall.


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