A fairly quiet day in search today, but we did have some excitement. The most exciting thing I may have covered was the news of the Washington Post starting to sell what they call “Sponsored Blogroll” links, which are in a sense, text links that may pass PageRank. Hope to see interesting developments on that over the next several days. Outside of that, the rest of the topics are all Google related, minus one MSN thing. MSN said the “no link” response has to do with there being no link in the ad landing page URL parameter. Ok, on to Google…

Google did an update of some sort a day or two ago. People are complaining about more supplemental results in the index, to be continued… I looked at the removable of the Froogle link, and the addition of the “more” link. I read some real examples of GoogleWifi real tests and how Levi dropped Google Checkout. Also I reviewed some domain legal cases Google recently had. Finally, I was upset to learn that not one person in Google bought any stock since the IPO, not one token stock even!

Search Engine Roundtable Topics:

  1. Google’s New Expandable More Link – SEO’s perspective
  2. Follow Up on MSN adCenter No Such Link Response – figured…
  3. Google Update Sends More Pages Back into Supplemental Index – check your rankings
  4. Feedback on Google Wifi (GoogleWifi) in Mountain View – is poor WiFi, really WiFi?

Search Engine Watch Topics:

  1. Google Data Refresh: More Supplemental Results? – bump
  2. Googlers Only Have Sold GOOG Stock – Cause Of Drop In Stock Price? – token stock, token stock!
  3. Levi.com Quietly Drops Google Checkout Due To A “Particular Issue” – hmmm, really makes me wonder
  4. Fighting For GoogleCheckout.com & More Google Complaints Against Others Who Registered Google-Like Domain Names – Danny trumped me on this
  5. Washington Post Selling Text Links? – ETA on nofollows? < 1 week

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