This morning I drove my wife to Newark Airport, she is flying to Chicago for the weekend. One of her good friends is getting married and she is going to be a bridesmaid. The wedding is this Sunday afternoon, but there is this little weekend the bride and bridesmaids are having before the wedding.

So I drove Yisha to the airport, about 45 minutes each way, this morning. I was shocked, I was expecting a boat load of traffic. There was not one patch of slow down, outside of the tolls. So I drove back and forth in less than an hour and a half. It would have been quicker, but I had to make a pit stop 15 minutes from my office, on the way back, due to a Big Gulp I had prior to leaving. Note to self, go for a little gulp next time you drive long distances.

So what do I do the whole weekend when my wife is gone?
(1) I will be spending about 24 hours of it at my parents, I think the miss me (do you?)
(2) Saturday night, Ill play basketball until well after mid-night (normally do that anyway)
(3) Sunday morning, I do RB work (normally do that anyway)
(4) Sunday afternoon I am suppose to hang up some new light fixtures – let’s see how far I get
(5) Sunday evening I will be picking up Yisha at the airport

What will my wife be doing?
(1) Getting her hair done
(2) Getting her make up done
(3) Getting into her dress
(4) All that wedding stuff
(5) Having fun with friends at a big party

So how was that? Two new posts, with personal stuff. 🙂

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  1. Barry G.


    Right on! Couldn’t stop laughing in appreciation.
    Your observations are spot on and remind me of when I first got married.

    Your Dad’s comment is exactly what my Dad always said to me!

    This Blog is really entertaining. Keep it up.

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