I am happy to say that I have finished setting up my necessary Windows applications on my MacBook Pro. Tuesday I set up Parallels Desktop for Mac, activated my Windows XP Pro license, and let it sit. Today, I configured the settings of the OS how I like it, transferred over the applications I need, and tested them out.

I also “installed parallels tools” which in affect made everything run smoother between Mac OS and Windows XP. Such as:

  • Setting up a shared folder between the two OSes
  • Enabling copy and paste between the OSes
  • Ensuring all drivers work (mouse, printers, internet, etc.), mouse even runs as smooth as it does on Mac, which is huge.
  • Don’t have to click off the Windows screen to use OS X, it just scrolls off like two different screens.

Here is a screen capture of my desktop state on both OS X and OS XP. I blurred stuff out on the larger version, such as my buddies screen names…


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So now I can trash my Dell!!!

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  1. drew stauffer

    This is great info! I’ve been using Virtual PC on my mac and needless to say its been extremely slow. I can’t wait to get a new mac and try Parallels out.

    On all the new mac labtops…with the new duo core chips…would I still need to install the Parallels or can I just install the Windows OS?

  2. Barry Schwartz

    If you want to run both Windows and Mac at the same time, you will need something like Parallels at this point in time.

    But you can boot directly into windows with Apple’s Boot Camp.

  3. justin

    I have an issue with my mac. I have windows xp pro sp 2 installed on my comp. Though I did this with a custom slipstreamed cd, I cant get any of the drivers to work when I boot up windows! I have even tried to update the video driver etc and Well…… it is just frusterating me! Where have you been able to get ahold of the drivers that you need to be able to make this window OS work? BTW when I open the drivers they say “unknown!” so then I have no idea what drivers to look for. Please help.



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