Google announced a deal with serving dynamic ads on XM Radio, while the rest of Google spends time mending relationships with search marketers. Some top search engine optimizers share some of their secret SEO tips. Danny makes the spot light on USA Today. Ask releases a new smart answer feature for ISBN number searches. MSN hires a new executive, but what does this executive do exactly? Bloglines releases a new standard for marking RSS feeds as private or public. Finally, we learn that many search marketers do not track, what is called “assists” down to the conversion.

Search Engine Roundtable Topics:

  1. Google AdWords Video Team Watches Forum Thread For Feedback – good opportunity for you guys
  2. Responses to Ads on Web Search vs. Maps, NOODP Hurting Rankings & Indented Google Results – nice to see guys, good work
  3. SEOs Share One Secret Each – don’t wanna miss this one
  4. Full Page Article on Danny Sullivan in USA Today – now what are you looking at?
  5. Google’s Vanessa Fox Rips Up Webmaster Communication with Matt Cutts – one symbol for ya ☼
  6. Matt Cutts SEO Videos – Matt, you rock!

Search Engine Watch Topics:

  1. Search Marketers Often Don’t Track All Referring Conversions – why not!
  2. Starts Google Videos At A Specific Point In Time – neat feature
  3. USA Today Gets A Hold Of Danny Sullivan – yea, birds?
  4. More Matt Google SEO Videos: Google Terminology & More – nice Matt
  5. & Bloglines Proposes Blog Search Exclusion Tag – nice standard
  6. Releases ISBN Number Smart Answers – cool, but Yahoo! beat ya to it
  7. MSN Search Hires Media Analytics Executive – mysterious
  8. Google Signs Deal With XM Radios To Distribute Ads In Satellite Radio Spots – wow

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