dead-end-sign.jpgI have been saving a few stories to blog about, and these seemed appropriate for the weekend.

WebMD named one recent article 26% of Teens Drive Drunk or on Drugs and then a few days later wrote an other article named Teen Drinking, Drugs: Parents Unaware.

More than one in four teens who drive say they’ve driven drunk or on drugs.


55% of adolescents who had smoked cigarettes, 50% who had used alcohol, and 47% who had used marijuana had a parent who knew that they used… About 8% of teens said they had used such drugs, while only 3% of their parents said they knew about that drug use.

So if you have a kid and they have a drivers license, then they have a 1 in 4 chance of driving drunk and you are very likely not to know about it.

If you don’t have kids or if you are worried about driving, you can read How To Spot A Drunk Driver and What To Do.

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