grand-central-terminal-alar.jpgBefore the Jimmy Buffett concert I had a meeting with a prospect who has an office across the street from Grand Central Station. He decided he would like to walk to Grand Central to sit down there and discuss business, so we did.

I believe we walked up to a restaurant named the Campbell Apartment and had coffee there while discussing business.

During our meeting, the alarms and sirens kept on going off. We looked around and noticed that people kept on doing what they were doing as if nothing was going on. So we decided to continue our business. They then shut off. But a few minutes later they went back on. Same thing, business as usual there – so we carried on.

Then some woman went on the loud speaker, but she said something that was so hard to hear that no one could comprehend what she said. Did she say, there is an emergency, please proceed to the nearest exit or did she say that it was a false alarm. No one knew…

I figured the place would be swarming with cops if there was an issue, so we stayed.

In any event, I stole the picture above from Wikipedia and tried to trace out the alarms that I saw going off, there were more, but these were the ones I can make out in this picture. I also uploaded one at Flickr and used the “add note” tool to make the sketch of the alarms more interactive, it is cool, check it out.

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