sketch_nyc_subway_8.gifI was chatting with Gary this morning and he was pointing out to me some new triggers added to limit the search results for some of their image search smart answers.

So a search on images of empire state building bring back what you would expect, pictures of the empire state building. Makes sense and simple.

But it gets smarter… A search on logos of new york jets gives you logos, how do they know they are logos? I dunno exactly, some of that secret sauce.

Yea, it gets even smarter… A search on beatles drawings shows actual drawings. Can see that these images of the beatles are line art or something?

What about mountains watercolors, those are colorful mountains.

The smartest of them all, nyc subway sketches, some crazy sketches.

One thing I noticed is how close a search on nyc subway sketches is to nyc subway drawings. Why so close? Hopefully I will have more on that later.