Fun day today in search. Matt Cutts has agreed to come on to the Search Pulse, here and there to answer questions. Yahoo! Search Marketing launched in India. Germany has a huge 150+ foot bug attacking it, according to Google Maps. Yahoo! bought a 6 month old remixing startup named Jumpcut. Google won’t give Brazil the Orkut data they once promised. AdWords geo-specific data has been explained to us. I found some more Microsoft adCenter bugs. The Click Quality Council was launched today. Finally, launched new weather and earthquake features.

Search Engine Roundtable Topics:

  1. Building Links To Rank Well In Other Countries
  2. Rotating Google AdSense Background Colors
  3. Yahoo! Search Marketing to Expand to India Soon
  4. Geographic Specific Words May Override Geo-IP Data in Google AdWords
  5. Microsoft adCenter Bug Wont Allow Some Advertisers To Save Keywords
  6. A Serious Google Maps Bug
  7. Matt Cutts To Guest On Search Pulse Podcast

Search Engine Watch Topics:

  1. Yahoo Acquires Jumpcut To Add Editing Tools To Yahoo Video
  2. Google Not To Deliver Orkut Data To Brazil Authorities
  3. Beware: Giant Bug Found On Google Earth
  4. The Click Quality Council Formed By ClickForensics
  5. Upgrades Weather Results & Adds Earthquake Data

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