drevil-evilpinky.jpgI can’t remember the last time I was this mad. You spend a ton of time, money and energy giving a non-profit an awesome, high end web site and it comes to bite you in the behind, not once, but twice!

Like many non-profits, this one has a board. One individual on that board is too lazy to do his job and blames everyone else but him. The deal is, we did our job, documented it and this person keeps seeding lies.

I was about to post on the site a demo on how easily it ease for people to update the web site.

Then I decided to calm down and go to people on the board that are above this person.

I documented everything, the history, the process, added QuickTime videos with demos and clearly showed who is at fault.

Heck, I did this site for free – a site I would charge anyone else $15,000 for.

Just amazes me how some evil people can be.

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