jack-nicholson.jpgI heard this on the news this morning, that Yankees Fan Jack Nicholson Refused To Wear Red Sox Cap in New Film. The director of the film is Martin Scorsese and he was the one who could not convince Jack Nicholson to put on the red sox hat on. Deal is, Nicholson is playing a role as a Boston, Massachusetts, gangster. S’more details at NY Mag.com.

Even worse, Jack’s sadistic Irish Southie is so evil that he wears a Yankees hat on the streets of Boston. “First of all, they wanted me to wear a Red Sox hat,” he grumbles, “but I said, all things being equal, I don’t want to.

“My Yanks, they came before the Lakers, of course,” says the Jersey native. “But Kristen [Dalton], my inamorata in the picture, she wore a Red Sox cap both to subtly indicate domestic conflict and to politically mollify the fans in Boston.”

And Yankee fans are proud in this forum.

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