I absolutely hate the Search Engine Watch (main site) RSS feed. It is the most annoying feed on my RSS feeds list. It updates several times a day on Bloglines, even when the main site only has one new article per day. Note, this is just the main site’s feed and not the blog feed, which is powered by MovableType and FeedBurner.

Please SEW, please Stop Updating Your Posts Please! Especially when nothing has changed!

There have been feeds that I have unsubscribed from in the past because of this.

Website Comments

  1. antonio


    have you tried editing your subscription? On SEW’s feed look for Edit Subscription and then,
    Updated items > Select Ignore

    Hope it helps 😉

  2. Barry Schwartz

    I want to be notified of updates to read posts in general. But not with SEW. In any event, all SEW main site posts are posted at the SEW blog anyway, so no worries, I still get the feed – one way or an other.

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