rustybrick-bytes-logo.gifMy company sponsors a local small basketball team, which we named the “RustyBrick Bytes.” Yea, we thought it would be a funny name. Bytes, bites, computers, basketball, etc…

We had our first game last night, we won. But I don’t think it was a real season game, since the referrers did not show. Some sort of miscommunication.

If you didn’t know, I try to play basketball at least twice a week. I hope to play three times per week.

I enjoy the game – I just hope the game enjoys me back. 🙂

So, what you think of the logo and the name? Pacman look alike? One of the most popular original computer games… Geekfest…

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  1. skore

    “since the referrers did not show”

    Your head is too much in the search world Barry even when it comes to sports 😉

  2. Judah

    Happy to see that it doesn’t take too long for a a mans better half to move into the role of (constructive) critic! 😉 😉

    Barry always thought his spelling mistakes were fine…

    but..I guess when the wife points it’s time to start paying attention!

    I’m gonna miss your mistakes, Barry!

  3. wife

    That’s ok, we’ll still read your blog even if you make mistakes 🙂 it adds a personal touch of ‘Barry’ to the readers.

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