Google AdSense EFT For IsraelMy Israeli brethren, not that I live in Israel but anyway, Google has announced that they now have enabled you to accept your AdSense payments via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). So no more waiting for those checks to be mailed overseas. They will be going directly into your bank account, if and only if you configure your AdSense account to accept EFT.

Instructions here:

To sign up for EFT:
1) Sign in to your account at
2) Click My Account
3) Click the edit link adjacent to the Payment Details header
4) In the Electronic Funds Transfer section, select the Add a new bank account radio button
5) Click Continue
6) Enter the requested bank account information. Your account page will provide details on what information is required – if you’re unsure, please contact your bank to obtain this information. Click Save Changes
7) At this point, we’ll begin the process of depositing a small test amount into the bank account you specified. Check your bank statements after 4-10 days to find a deposit from ‘Google’ or from ‘BFS’

Once you have the test deposit amount:
1) Click the My Account tab
2) In the Payment Details section, click Verify this account
3) In the box provided, enter the test deposit amount that you received in your bank account
4) Click Next. Once you have entered your test deposit verification amount correctly, your bank account will be approved and automatically selected as your form of payment

So get your Israel Shekels aka שקל. Keep in mind, currently 1 Israeli shekel is worth 0.23314371 U.S. dollars or 1 U.S. dollar is worth 4.2889 Israeli shekel.

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