cheerios.jpgThe 2nd morning in a row my hands started itching and getting red. I thought it may be hives. I got hives once before, a really long time ago, and I remember it being similar.

But this is weird. My hands get red botches, they begin to itch and the more I look at them the more it itches. But like yesterday, today, the itching and redness went away early afternoon – late morning.

I am thinking it may be the Cheerios I began eating for breakfast in the morning.

That is the main thing I changed yesterday.

My hands after they stopped itching:
Red Hive Hands?

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  1. chris

    Hey whats up? Same stuff has been happening to me. I get these red bumps/hives on me and they come and go. If i do something active like play bball i get them real bad all over. Usually its just my hands and wrists. Just curious if you ever figured out what it was? Please email if you do.


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