daily dose artscrollMy Dad bought me this wonderful present, it enables me to learn some Torah (תּוֹרָה) during my day. Torah is the Jewish Bible, orthodox Jews are suppose to learn from the Torah throughout the day. We are suppose to live by it and observe the laws and guidelines – in short, it is our way of life. I have to admit, one of my downfalls is that I do not make enough time for this aspect in my life. I pray with a Minyan twice a day but this I fall short with.

My Dad knows this and he bought me a new book from Artscroll named The Daily Dose. It is great, it is about 18 minutes of learning per day (18 the number has a special meaning in Judaism). Each day includes a bunch of aspects from the Torah including:

  • A Torah Thought for the Day
  • Mishnah (משנה) of the Day
  • Gems from the Gemara (גמרא)
  • A Mussar (מוּסַּר) Thought for the Day
  • Halachah (הלכה) of the Day
  • A Closer Look at the Siddur
  • Question for the Day
  • Taste of Lomdus (deep thought), once a week

Thanks Dad!

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  1. Judah

    Way to go Barry!!!

    BTW, just an FYI, ‘minyan’ happens 3 times a day 😉 ;).

    Keep up the good work, refreshing blogs, and making people who care proud.

  2. Adam and Chanie

    Glad to see that even when you have made it BIG (B”AH) you still remember all that is truely important and eternal.

    BTW, Way to go Judah – he is correct Minyan is 3 times a day 😉

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