Newark Airport by McBeagleIt is so sad that my preferred airport to travel out from is at a minimum 45 minutes away. Newark Airport (EWR) is about 45 minutes from my office, it can take an additional 30 minutes if there is traffic.

The second option I have is LaGuardia Airport (LGA) which is about one hour away, with traffic, and there normally is traffic crossing the GW Bridge and the Cross Bronx Expressway, it can tack on an additional 15 to 60 minutes (sometimes even worse).

Just beyond that is John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), which is normally the airport I have to take for trips. That airport is about 15 minutes further than LGA, so about one hour and 15 minutes away. Same deal, if there is traffic, it can tack on an additional 15 to 60 minutes (sometimes even worse).

There is a closer airport named Westchester County Airport but they don’t have many flight options, it is a small airport.

So, any trip I go on, you have to add on an additional hour or two each way for just getting to the airport.

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  2. McBeagle

    Hey, I took that picture with my treo!

    Interesting story about it – ten minutes later a nervous looking lady turned me into the non-english speaking security at EWR, giving me nine kinds of hell over taking pictures inside the airport.

    But, they were having trouble putting a sentence together that anyone could understand – so it was surreal.

    Surreal that the non-English speaking airport security guard was trying to interrogate the severly American looking me about security issues.

    I was like, “lady, I am a multi-year platinum elite air traveller. Born and raised in the USA, but I speak a couple of other languages. Why can’t you?”

    Glad to see my photo in good use!

    Good travels,


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