I told you guys I was visiting Yahoo yesterday and today. You can find the information about Yahoo! releasing Panama at the Search Engine Roundtable. Here is all the cool shwag, Yahoo! gave us.

Yahoo! Publisher Network Messenger Bag:
Yahoo! Search Marketing Shwag
Yahoo! Search Marketing Shwag

Yahoo! Search Marketing & Yahoo! Publisher Network Pen, Pads, Keychain, Gum, Stickers, Pin, & Notebook:
Yahoo! Search Marketing Shwag

Yahoo! Search Marketing Long Sleeve TShirt:
Yahoo! Search Marketing Shwag

Yahoo! Search Marketing Keychain Flash Light:
Yahoo! Search Marketing Shwag

Yahoo! Search Marketing, Yahoo! Publisher Network, Yahoo! Music Match Zen MP3 Player, Basketball Hoop, Coffee Mug, Umbrella, and Ball:
Yahoo! Search Marketing Shwag

Cool stuff. Yahoo! treated us all incredibly well.

Thank you so much Yahoo!

Also at Flickr set.

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  1. gabs

    :Confused: .. very with the mp3 player???

    The rest is cool..

    It’s like a comp now.. which SE give the best presents 😉

  2. Judah


    You are like the guy who spends his life in hotels and never needs to buy a towel for the house for the rest of his life…

    Only difference is that you get your stuff legitimately…;) 😉 😉

    Can I come with you to your next conference?

  3. Andrew Goodman

    Hi Matt,

    I’m walking around with a Google logo USB stick and a few other things from last year’s Google Xmas present sent out to advertisers.

    In other cases I have purchased Google logo stuff myself, for my own use or because clients like it.

    If I had had time I actually would have stopped by the Yahoo gift shop to purchase a couple more garments as presents for folks. They’re pretty nice – American Apparel which ties in with the L.A. location of YSM’s office.

    Anyway, you see my point – Yahoo isn’t the only company that has schwag and gives it away. I gave feedback on a TV pilot once and got steak knives. 🙂

  4. mike

    I also went at a pilot once with steak knives and got feedback all over TV.

    Cool stuff Barry.
    Hope it went real well out there.

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