verizon-broadband-connect.gifI had a meeting this afternoon in the city, I am actually still in the city (NYC), and I was able to connect via my Treo to my MacBook over the broadband wireless Verizon network, finally – when I needed to. It is weird, because when I went to LGA last week, I was unable to connect in the airport, even after thinking I figured out the issue and with having all bars and the EVDO network connection.

In any event, a few seconds after connecting at the client. The Treo switched from the high speed EVDO network to the dial up network on me and it was sloooowwwww.

Hope it continues to work, at least a little. I fly this Monday and it would be nice to have it at the airport (EWR) and at Yahoo!

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  1. jack

    I have the treo 700p – I have access to the internet since I have the plan… but how do I connect it to my WLAN at home?… do you know?… I’m planning to travel outside US and they will have WLANs and my internet access won’t work there.


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