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Counting Total Number of My Blog Posts

Kinda makes me go wow and then want to throw up. I counted the number of blog posts I have done at the various blogs to-date. Here is the run down. Search Engine Roundtable: 3,876 Search Engine Watch: 1,137 Cartoon Barry: 350 (including this one) RustyBrick Tech Blog: 63 Estimated Total Blog Posts: 5,426 up

Daily Search Coverage

Goodbye SEW – Hello SEL, MSNBot Verify, Matt Cutting, Yahoo Grandpa, Commons, YSM, Cache, Digg & Subpoena

The Search Engine Watch blog team said goodbye to SEW today and said hello to Search Engine Land. Microsoft released a method of verifying the authenticity of MSNBot. Yahoo!’s grandfathered bids will not longer be accepted. Matt Cutts and his spam tools were explored today. We looked at Google’s common word report in sitemaps. Yahoo!

Just Weird

When Stealing a Guitar, Do Not Hide Guitar in Pants!

I heard this on the radio in the morning and I was shaking my head back and forth in disbelief. Via SFGate.com, Owner: Man Tried to Hide Guitar in Pants. Ok, if you try to steal a guitar, keep in mind, it is not like stealing batteries. It won’t fit in your clothing properly! Clifton

SEO Tips

Ask.com Skit Done Professionally

Remember the Ask.com Uses Fat, Hairy, Naked Man To Promote Search Engine entry I posted yesterday. So Gary Price put me in touch with the UK PR folks at Ask.com and I was able to ask them a few questions. I only had one. Did they use internal employees for the skit or was it

Just Weird

DUI Man Tries To Swallow Keys & A Town Named Bucksnort

Two weird stories via MSNBC this morning… (1) DUI suspect tries to swallow keys, bites officer Yea, a drunk driver in Moscow tried to swallow his keys after officers had to confiscate his car. Not sure what exactly swallowing the keys will do. (2) On that same page, there is a story about “A town


Winner of RB & SER Contest is Chris

The winning comment was by Chris at November 22, 2006 7:22 AM. Chris said; what about the person who can take as many pictures of different people holding a piece of paper with your url on it over a 24 hour period? That would make a cool page on your site, many different people/ages/nationalities etc.


Almost 80 Active Buddies in My Instant Messenger List

Over the years I have accumulated hundreds and hundreds of instant messenger buddies. I have added new ones, deleted old ones, and so on. In fact, AIM used to (they still may) restrict the number of buddies you are allowed. So I sometimes have to delete old buddies to make room for new ones. Today

Daily Search Coverage

gSpam, gTV, gAudio, gMobile, gEWOQ, gPhoto, Ask Fat Man, bCentral Gone, Yahoo China CEOless

Today we had a thread on Google serving up too much Web spam, Matt Cutts of Google replied to it. I also wrote about Google’s plans for TV, and near term plans for audio ads. Google also complained about broadband restrictions on mobile devices. We found some Google evaluator strings in the search results. Google