huge-buddy-listOver the years I have accumulated hundreds and hundreds of instant messenger buddies. I have added new ones, deleted old ones, and so on. In fact, AIM used to (they still may) restrict the number of buddies you are allowed. So I sometimes have to delete old buddies to make room for new ones.

Today I looked over at my buddy list and saw it was scrolling. Now that is a bit crazy, since my screen is pretty big. I calculated the buddy list, it was about 1,100 pixels up and down. To make things worse, when I picked the style for my chat client, I picked one of the smallest fonts and styles you can pick. Why? I don’t like having a scrolling list. But during mid-day times, my list still scrolls, it is about 80 active buddies that are needed to make the list scroll.

Honestly, I probably chat with about 15 people per day. So I am sure I can clean this list up to less than 40 people. But that, in itself, is a lot of work. Plus, you never know when you want to say hi to someone.

To annoy you, I included a full size image of the buddy list. Of course, I smugged out the names. It messed up the other entries on the front page, so I made it small, feel free to click on it to see the full size image.

I use Adium for my chat client, as an FYI.

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