Kinda makes me go wow and then want to throw up.

I counted the number of blog posts I have done at the various blogs to-date. Here is the run down.

Search Engine Roundtable: 3,876
Search Engine Watch: 1,137
Cartoon Barry: 350 (including this one)
RustyBrick Tech Blog: 63

Estimated Total Blog Posts: 5,426 up to right now.

What about articles published, I have no clue, I won’t even attempt to guess.

Forum posts?

SEO Chat Forums: 2,642
Search Engine Watch Forums: 2,631
Search Engine Roundtable Forums: 1,146
Cre8asite Forums: 890
DigitalPoint Forums: 219
WebmasterWorld: 159
HighRankings Forum: 123
JimWorld: 100

Estimated Total Forum Posts: 7,910

I feel a bit weird and fuzzy. Good thing I type fast. 😉

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  1. David Temple

    Wow is right! That’s really impressive and thanks by the way. I’ve read many of those informative posts. Guess you really don’t have time for second life now do you? Me neither, I gave up on that time waster.

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