Sometimes, the RSS feed on this site updates without me updating a post or adding a new blog entry. I honestly have no idea why. Two possibilities…

(1) The RSS feed is broken
(2) My blog reader is messed up

So my question is, do you see this weirdness with this RSS feed? If yes, feel free to comment with specifics.

Here is a poll also:

Thanks and sorry if you are affected by this.

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  1. Cristian Mezei

    In some RSS readers (online or not) you have the option to update the feed from a certain feed, if it has new comments.

    That’s what I have with Bloglines at least.

  2. skore

    It happens a lot Barry – for example yesterday you had (15) in bloglines but there was only about one new one there.

  3. Tamar Weinberg

    Not anymore, but my blog has exhibited the same strange behavior too (I’m not sure why it likes to update itself on Shabbos; maybe I should shut my site down like Shimon suggested…)

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