Two weird stories via MSNBC this morning…

(1) DUI suspect tries to swallow keys, bites officer

Yea, a drunk driver in Moscow tried to swallow his keys after officers had to confiscate his car. Not sure what exactly swallowing the keys will do.

(2) On that same page, there is a story about “A town named Bucksnort.” Yes, Bucksnort, is in Tennessee, they even have a Wikipedia page. Supposedly the town is so small that there “is no U.S. Census data for the location and there is no post office.” Also, if for some reason you are passing through, the recommended place to eat is at Rudy’s Restaurant right off of Hwy 40, Exit 152.

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  1. ShuShu O

    Hello Barry!
    I’m sure a million people have sent this info to you since last fall, but just want to say there are at least TWO towns called Bucksnort. Second is in Arkansas, where it is usually called Buck Snort. Also, don’t even know if it is still there, but I once tried the “Rudy’s Restaurant” in TN, and I didn’t get why it had such great PR. Not very clean, service OK but food very mediocre at best. Maybe I had the wrong Rudy’s or something…This is first time I’ve seen your Blog,but its nice…belated Congrats on yr wedding!! Be careful w/th this ice (we’re just getting it now in Charlottesville, VA)!!

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