krestlogo.gifMost of you know, I am all over all the search marketing conferences. From SES San Jose to SES New York and SES Latino all the way to WebmasterWorld’s PubCon Vegas. Heck, I even went to SES Sweden in 2004. But often, the places I go, do not have kosher food available or nearby.

That is typically why, the only times you see me going out for dinner with folks is in NYC. Chris Boggs, invited me out for dinner in Las Vegas (yes, they have a few kosher places) but it is typically sometimes easier for me to bring frozen meals and eat in the room.

So for Vegas, I bought some meals to go, and stuffed them in my carry on. I typically go with Noah’s Ark travel meals but since it is in Teaneck, NJ, it takes me about 30 minutes to pick up those meals. But local place named Meal Mart has a similar deal, in fact, they have a web site named Kosher Meals To Go. So I walked into the store and they packaged, fresh for me, two Grilled Chicken Breast meals for me, with two sides of potatoes.

So I have two meals for the road, frozen, now sitting in my carry on, in my car, for the trip.

What is all this Kosher stuff? I didn’t confirm everything the Wikipedia had to say, but you can read about it there.

And if you are looking for kosher places to eat, I highly recommend

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  1. Greg Gershman

    I packed a few LaBriute meals…I’m planning on trekking to a few of the kosher places over the course of the week, would be great to have company!

  2. Tommy Veindlen

    Shamash isn’t bad because it’s pretty global, but if you’re going to be in NYC… I think is the best.

    And it says on the site they’re expanding – so it may even blow shamash out the water…!

    In terms of travel meals — i also hear labriute are pretty good – has anyone tried tastybite indian meals — they’re also delish!

  3. Seth

    Hello Kosher Travelers!
    Noah’s Ark Travel Meals can also be ordered online ( and shipped FedEx overnight to any U.S. destination, including scores of hotels and conference centers each year…of course, you can always come by and pick up your order and take it with you.
    Thank you.

  4. Nacho Hernandez

    You’re right! There should be food for all 🙂

    That fresh paella we had at SES Latino totally beats the typical sandwitch box, though. I’m pushing for maintaining or exceeding expectations for 2007… we’ll see.



  5. Tommy Veindlen

    Hey guys, just an update since we were chatting about it a few months ago — updated and it really looks great; seems they havent expanded quite yet though…


  6. Heshy

    Good news, kosher eating got a little easier. Check out my site one of the advantages it has over others is that you can search listings tailored to your specific address (not just zipcode) and it lists results closest to you first.

    So next time you’re at a conference in an unfamiliar place you can just enter your address so you’ll see who’s close by and who’s too far to consider.

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