I figured, since I wrote about my experience flying to Vegas I thought I share my trip back. I got to the airport about 1.5 hours prior to my scheduled departure time. I got through security and walked to the Continental desk and asked if they have any earlier flights to NY, being that my flight was already delayed. She said, actually, yes, that line of people are all boarding now, they were delayed. So she got me on that plane. I didn’t have time to blog from the airport, since I had to board right away. I wanted to post SEW headlines and stuff, so now I am way behind.

I got a seat in the 14th isle, exit row. I waited for them to call my row and then boarded the plane. I get on and see the whole plane is packed, and that there are no overhead compartments available by my seat. So I walk back about 7 aisles and put my bag up there.

Then a woman gets on and she was sitting next to me. She had to put her bags back 7 aisles as well, but she was pretty upset about it. In any event, after trying to stuff her bags under her chair (there was no way it would fit) she gave up and put her bag in the back. She sits down and I told her how I was lucky, I caught this delayed flight, so I should be in early. She said, how did I get an exit row, when she asked for one, they told her none were available. Now obviously, since I got my ticket while boarding the plane, there was an exit row available. So she was a bit mad at me, but it wasn’t my fault – so I didn’t take it personally.

We take off and climb into the air. Oh, during this, the VP of LivePerson is chatting with me. He is a frum Jewish guy, he started HumanClick in the US and LivePerson bought him, nice guy. The seatbelt light goes off, people get up to get their stuff. You know how things shift in the overhead compartments during take off and landing? Well they do. Some guy opens the compartment over my head, and bam, a thing hits me and the woman next to me (the woman who I stole her seat) on our heads. She, wasn’t happy, I ignored it even happened.

The movie starts, I try to plug my headset into the jack, but something is blocking it. I assume some kid stuck something in the holes. But I was able to hear the sound if I held the plug into the jack at an angle. So I sat the next five hours or so, holding my headset into the jack.

Fast forward 5 hours, we are about to land. But then the pilot says, they put us in a holding pattern. Two minutes later, we are back, we should land soon. We land, and roll to the gate.

Now, I see the woman on my left antsy to get up and get her bag. She asks me to get up before we hit the gate and before the seatbelt sign is turned off. I grant her wish and she gets yelled at by the flight attendants. But then this woman from the back of the plane keeps coming forward, she is an older lady, dancing in the aisle saying, “I got to pee, I got to pee.” The flight attendants yell at her also, and the passengers all clap, after she is forced to sit. I kinda felt bad for her, but she was warned by the pilot to pee before landing.

Anyway, we pull to the gate, seatbelt light goes off and the woman on my left, jets to her bags. That is the last I saw of her, hope she made it out. The woman who had to pee, kept dancing and some people let her through. I hope she made it as well.

I waited until I was able to get 7 aisles back to get my bag.

I caught my car service and drove the hour or so home. I went to sleep about 2am.

Got a lot to catch up on….

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  1. gage@

    oh boy.. that sounds like my experience almost everytime I travel. It actually might be a bit nicer now that I think about it.

    Glad you got home safe. //g

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