Search Engine LandSo all of you know by now that Danny is starting a new site named Search Engine Land, the logo to the right, is one of the logos people are voting on, claim your vote. In any event, the community reaction was both surprising and very touching for me, and I suspect also for Danny and Chris.

What was surprising? Well, Danny clearly informed the public that both Chris and I are going along with Danny to Search Engine Land from Search Engine Watch – this was not held back. But for some reason people did not learn about this until I commented at Threadwatch saying and then Lisa posted Will SEW survive without Danny, Chris and Barry?

Lisa’s comments are very touching. As I explained, I never signed a contract with Incisive to write at Search Engine Watch. I was a month to month type of writer. Honestly, a long term contract was never offered, but I never requested it. Chris’s contract ends the end of this year, and Danny’s ends the end of this month – really soon.

Lisa wrote:

It’s unbelievable to me that Barry Schwartz wasn’t contracted for his work at Search Engine Watch. How can a company survive without at least thinking of the long term, especially for someone with as much authority and industry respect as Barry? Though I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised, they did let Danny walk away uncompensated.

Wow – thank you Lisa, that means a ton!

But get this, Incisive has not once called me or emailed me about my future plans after Danny made his announcement. I have yet to hear from them, even up to the time of writing this post. I guess they assumed that Chris and I would stay on at SEW. You know what they say about assuming things…

But the reaction in the community is that Search Engine Watch will not survive without us. I don’t know about that – it is not for me to say. More comments on that from Nathan Weinberg and other comments via Google Blog Search and Google News Search.

Ok, so what if Incisive made me an offer to stay on, what if???

I think it would be suicide for me.

(1) Who am I to fill the shoes of Danny Sullivan?
(2) I have a full time job already, I don’t have the time to run SEW.
(3) I feel that anyone, outside of Chris Sherman, who takes on this role, will be hated by the SEM community for attempting.

So Search Engine Land, I suspect Danny and I continue as we have been doing at SEW. Chris is going to be blogging more often, which is going to be a lot of fun. And I believe Danny has some more news that may shock some of you. So make sure to subscribe to the Search Engine Land feed.

This is going to be a ton of fun!

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  1. gage

    I totally agree with Lisa. I will follow the people I have looked to since the day my focus became SEO. SER and SEW were my first two sites that I started to visit regularly mostly because of Danny and your efforts (not to disclude Chris).

    I will be following you all to SEL. Good Luck and Cheers! //g

  2. Judah

    Hey Barry,

    More power to you..and a great move on your part..IMO.

    The fact that a contract was never offered by Incisive in recognition of your yeoman efforts and contributions, is all the more reason you should walk….

    SEW doesn’t deserve you anymore and SEL is gonna thrive with you…a complete no brainer IMO.

    I am your “chossid” all the way…I’ll be there on December 11 for SEL’s Chanukat Habayit!!

    Best of luck in all that you do.

  3. Nathan Weinberg

    To be totally honest, Barry, when we heard you and Chris were writing at SEL, we assumed you’d be doing double- (well, triple- in your case) duty, since there was no way Incisive would let all three of its biggest names leave at once.

    When Danny first announced he was doing a new blog, I thought, okay, we’ll have a new good search blog, plus SEW. When I heard you and Chris were going, I thought, “SEW still has six good people, and will probably hire more to compete with their old top guys”. But when I heard today that only two people were staying at SEW, I was completely shocked. There’s no way they can survive without any writers!

    Barry, I think you don’t understand how important you were to SEW. Gary Price, then you, were the workhorses of SEW. Danny was the big name and Chris appears to be the glue, but you (and previously Gary) were the real reason to read the site: To get the news every day. A person who can do that well is hard to replace, and if SEW had lost only you, they’d already be in a tough place. I mean, when Gary left, they got lucky that you were able to jump right in and keep it going, but there’s no way they’d get lucky a second time this year.

    Congrats on the new venture. I’m taking bets as to when SEL cracks the Technorati 100.

  4. Barry Schwartz

    That makes sense, the “triple duty” part. I didn’t think of that…

    Also, thanks so much for that. I don’t think people come to hear me talk or report – I think Danny is the true reason. But I seriously appreciate your comment… even more so coming from you.

  5. Mike

    Hi Barry, I liked your work at SEW and read your posts wherever I see them including SER of course. I’ll look forward to reading your posts on SE Land.
    I do believe SEW will survive because someone will rise from the moderator group and write the news. The site is so well SEO’ed that anything posted is well indexed everywhere.

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