The Search Engine Watch blog team said goodbye to SEW today and said hello to Search Engine Land. Microsoft released a method of verifying the authenticity of MSNBot. Yahoo!’s grandfathered bids will not longer be accepted. Matt Cutts and his spam tools were explored today. We looked at Google’s common word report in sitemaps. Yahoo! Search Marketing is making some more changes. Digg versus search in editorial quality. Is the Google Cache chewing more of that spider food? And Yahoo! told Google no to a subpoena. That was last day in November.

Search Engine Roundtable Topics:

  1. “Estimated Average Position” Coming to Yahoo! Search Marketing
  2. Update on Sitemaps Common Words Report
  3. Grandfathered Bids in Yahoo! Search Marketing Do Not Carry To Panama
  4. Google & Matt Cutts Magic Search Spam Fighting Tool
  5. Google Cache Archiving More of Your Page?
  6. MSNbot Adds Method For Verification
  7. Danny Sullivan Says Goodbye To Search Engine Watch

Search Engine Watch Topics:

  1. Microsoft On How To Let MSNBot In, Keep Bad Bots Out
  2. Yahoo Turns Down Google’s Request For Information On Book Search
  3. How The Digg Editorial Process Differs From Search Engine Editorial Process

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