Friday, I was invited to meet with Vanessa Fox at Google New York. I wrote about some about My Experience at Google New York with Vanessa Fox at SER. But here are a few things I left out…

(1) It took about 15 minutes to sign in at the ground lobby to get in to Google’s lobby. I felt bad, there was a long line behind me. And since Vanessa is based in Seattle, the security guy did not know how to reach her. So I gave him her cell phone number, but it was long distance, so he wasn’t allowed to call. He suggested I call from my cell. Hmm… what if I called a friend and it wasn’t Vanessa? Whoo hooo, free access to Google!

(2) Google has Kosher Food for the NY Googlers who are orthodox Jews. That is a nice plus! The food looked tasty, but I wasn’t hungry, so I didn’t take a meal. I did take a water, which I spilled on myself.

(3) They have phone booths throughout the layout. I asked Vanessa what that was about, she explained that since Google has such an open layout, if you want to have a quiet phone call, it is hard. So they design phone stations, where you can talk in peace.

(4) I wasn’t allowed to take pictures of a bunch of things, including meetings, white boards, people, some special rooms and so on.

(5) I was shown a cool usability lab, both sides. You know, the room the subject is sitting in and then the other room behind the one way mirror where you laugh at the subject (just kidding, no one laughed at anyone).

Here are my three pictures from the event.

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