There was a possible Google Update, in the form of a data refresh last night. A new term named cookie spidering was discussed today in the AdWords forum. Google closed down Google Answers. Barry Diller is going to launch AskCity next week. A cute name that SEM game is out there. Yahoo!, Alta Vista and AllTheWeb are no longer on the same page. The Search Pulse version 10 is archived. ILoveJackDaniels is stepping down from Cre8asite Forums. That was November 29th.

Search Engine Roundtable Topics:

  1. Search Pulse 10: Turkey Day, Google Spam, SES Chicago, MSN Update, AdWords Denial, Holiday Gifts, Yahoo Jobs & More
  2. ILoveJackDaniels Steps Down From Moderator Post at Cre8asite Forums
  3. Yahoo! Alta Vista & AllTheWeb Showing Different Results
  4. Google Update via Data Refresh 11/28
  5. Google Terminates AdWords Account for “Cookie Spidering”?
  6. Google Answers Closes Up Shop

Search Engine Watch Topics:

  1. Name That Search Marketer Game
  2. IAC To Launch AskCity; Local Info Services Site

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