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MSN Update, Panama Release, UTube Woes, Gmail, Ask.com, Spreadsheets, SEO Salaries & More

Running out of time, no summary, just a listing for you today. Good weekend. Search Engine Roundtable Topics: Gmail Mobile Client Released, Treo 700p Issues Some Firefox Browsers Blocking Google AdWords Clicks? YouTube.com Gets Sued By UTube.com Yahoo! Site Explorer Showing an Influx of Links? Yahoo! Asking For Feedback & Votes on Search Results Microsoft

Just Funny

Kid Points BB Gun At Undercover Police

The AP reports that a teenager in Cedar Rapids, Iowa tried to scare a random driver with his BB gun. He pointed the gun at an unmarked cop car, the policemen got out and pointed back with their real .40-caliber Glock handguns. Wow! He said he was trying to scare people for the Halloween spirit.

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Stop Barry!

I posted seven blog posts at the Search Engine Roundtable, then seven at Search Engine Watch. I was looking at my list of 22 other stories that I could have covered, and I said, stop! There is only so much people want to hear and read. Plus there is only so much I can blog.

SEO Tips

Yahoo! Stop Updating Your Blog Posts!

Jeremy Zawodny from Yahoo! wrote a guest post at the YPN blog named Zen and the Art of Blogging. The post is good and all, but I do not need to be notified of the same post 4 times in 2 days. Yes, it goes back to how I pleaded with the blog world to

Daily Search Coverage

*Slurp, Gmail Mobile, Whois, YPN – AdSense, White/Black Hat, PR Update, Lycos, Ask.com, Y! Food, GOOG Radio

Long day… I am too tired to summarize, see the links below… Search Engine Roundtable Topics: Lycos Deals With Ask.com & Drops Microsoft Possible PageRank Update Underway? Are Any SEOs Considered White Hat? Yahoo!’s Publisher Spotlight Site Switched Back to Google AdSense Does Change of Domain Name Ownership Hurt Rankings? Search Engine Watch Topics: Google


Screen Shot Utility for Treo Palms?

I am looking for a quick and easy to use screenshot utility for my Treo. I quickly tried Snap v0.2.5 and ScreenDumpDA v1.00. Are any of you aware of better applications to take screen captures on your Treo or Palm device?


Flying to Israel: $40! Not!

My wife and I are flying to Israel for a week vacation/business trip in early January. We already booked our flights on El Al, which is what most people do when they fly to Israel. You can also fly with other airlines, such as Continental and a new one named Israir. Anyway, my wife forwarded


RB Ogio Prototype Bag

So we ordered a hundred or so of these Ogio bags that we were looking to buy. We got a sample bag a couple of weeks ago and then recently got an embroidered swatch of our logo. We stuck it on the bag with tape. Ignore the black circle around the logo, the logo should

SEO Tips

Updated Link Farm (aka Resources) With 179 Sites

I have updated my link farm to include more of the sites I read on a daily basis. The list has a 179 sites listed on them. I manage most of my reading of them through RSS, without it, I wouldn’t be able to possibly stay on top of all those sites (plus I have