We finally got our shipment of RustyBrick messenger bags this week. Yea, we have been thinking and thinking and thinking of getting them. Here is a final product:

RustyBrick OGIO Back

If you are a client, you get one, I just need to hand deliver it or ship it to you guys. If you are a friend, I am sure you will get one, you just need to pick it up. If you are anyone else, I think I will run a few contests… I need some ideas.

Anyway, we ordered a 100 of them. I would never of imagined only 6 came in a box. Check out the wall of our conference room.

Boxes of RustyBrick Bags

Yes, we did get around to cleaning up our junk food. Next project is getting rid of these bags.

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  1. Mike Empuria

    I’ve an idea for a contest. The first person called Mike who comments on this post wins a bag! I’ll email the delivery address now if you like. 🙂

  2. Barry Schwartz

    Hawaii SEO,

    I actually love that idea.

    But then you came up with the idea for a contest already…

    So, I will send you a bag. I will also send someone else a bag, for the best contest idea. Then I will send an other bag to someone who wins the contest.

    I will write a post on it soon.


  3. amy sullens

    been looking for a bag that doesn’t look like some old mans breifcase!!! these look pretty cool. how much? have 17″ notebook.

  4. Nick Longworth

    How about, best picture of previously used broken laptop bag, get’s one of yours?

    my Wenger bag’s zippers split due to the girth of my alienware 17″ notebook


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