Cartoon Barry Chanukah Dreidel Chanukah (חנכה) is tomorrow night, it is probably the most favorite Jewish holiday for kids. This is the holiday kids are dripping with gifts from their parents and relatives. Of course, the Wikipedia has a fairly nice write up on Chanukah.

That is me, dressed up as a “Dreidel,” which is a toy kids play with on the holiday. The four sides of the dreidel (a top) have letters on them standing for נס גדול היה שם. How does the game work? Well, you spin the dreidel and depending on which side it lands gets you something:

  • נ – Nun – nisht – “not” – nothing happens and the next player spins
  • ג – Gimel – gants – “all” – the player takes the entire pot
  • ה – Hey – halb – “half” – the player takes half of the pot, rounding up if there is an odd number
  • ש – Shin – shtel ayn – “put in” – the player puts one marker in the pot

Aside for that, we light the menorah eight nights, we sometime eat special food and we give gifts. I’ll let you know what I get this year.

Some other good resources for the holiday at, Aish HaTorah and for the kids

Here is a preview of the Search Engine Roundtable’s special logo for the 8 days.

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  1. Hawaii SEO

    Happy Chanukah Barry!

    My wife and I are Buddhist which sucks sometimes because there are no Buddhist holidays. (We like to celebrate everyone else’s holidays.) No need to keep the kids from enjoying the holiday seasons.

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