HammerDIY Day by Danny at his personal blog (like that Danny), explains how he spent a large portion of his day doing odd jobs around the house. It included; hanging a mirror, hanging other things up, setting up Christmas lights, and other small jobs. Danny explains he rather pay someone to do this all for him, I agree – but the issue is that no one will come in to do such small jobs. Hence, the job of a husband is to hang up a new picture, set up Chanukah candles (in Danny’s case, Christmas tree), install things that need to be installed and so on. What is great is the comment Danny’s wife left on his blog. She wrote ins response to “Any task I undertake has to be accompanied by great huffing and noise. This is to establish for my wife what a huge effort I’m undertaking.”

My god – if you spent the same effort doing DIY as you do blogging, the work would be done in half the time. The huffing doesn’t make me think you’re making a huge effort…it makes me think you’re plonka. x

First I had to ask what “plonka” meant, and it means “idiot” in UK language. 🙂

I checked the 30 or so comments my wife made on my personal blog, none of them were that big of a ding to me. Huge kudo’s to Mrs. Sullivan.

Why am I not afraid to show this to my wife? Well, I have only been married for a bit over 6 months. I am still in the period where I do stuff around the house. Oh, I did forget to take out the trash but my wife let that slide.

Great comment again!

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