It is a historic moment for me. I cannot remember the last time flying on a plane where the person in front of me did not lower down their seat back. It is truly a historic moment.

I had no choice but to pull out my laptop and begin typing. Typing what? I don’t know. In fact, this may be one of the first times, an other historic moment, that I started writing without having an idea on topic or a title for the blog entry.

But yet, I am a blogger, so I figure, I can come up with something to write. Heck, I wrote a blog entry named “leaning tower of Snapple.” (note to self, remember to link to that entry). So why can’t I pull off a post on nothing.

Seinfeld was based on nothing, why can’t this be post be based on nothing?

My wife went off to the “wash room” as they call it in Chicago (or Toilet as they call it in O’Hare Airport), maybe I can con her into writing some of this post, about nothing, with me. We will see, more on that later, maybe…

In any event, I am on a flight that was suppose to take off at 3pm but did not take off until 5pm. Which is OK, since I was suppose to be on a flight that was scheduled to take off at 5pm and wasn’t going to take off (last I checked) at 7:45pm. Only thing is, it cost $25 per ticket extra to confirm these seats. But based on a number of factors, I feel it was worth it.

She just came back and began reading the post. She said, and I quote;

Don’t Count On It

Enough about her…

I now need to think of a title for this post…

Historic Moments: Airplane Tray, Snapples, Seinfeld, Flying, Wife & SEO

You see, my title is not something fun and witty, it is awfully descriptive and a bit too keyword rich. Maybe too many keywords. Typically a post on nothing, won’t drive any organic search traffic, unless the search is on nothing… Deep, ehhh? Do people sit and search on nothing? If they do, is it really a search? That is where the SEO part comes in… In any event, we are now in our initial descent, so here is my wrap up in one line.

When flying on an airplane back from an SEO conference with your wife, make sure to drink Snapple with your tray table down, while watching Seinfeld — it will truly make for a historic moment.

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  1. Judah

    not at all…shows us a whole different dimension..very candid..very engaging..and very off the cuff.

    I hope others chime in here…but i say do this more often. 🙂

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