I started my normal routine this morning, got to work about 6:45am, but things went downhill from there. Something was wrong… But with my nature, I did not let it get to me, I ignored it, continued about my day.

It took me about 45 minutes to find a thread to write about this morning. I slowly found threads, but by the time I was done with “sucking the forums dry” of information from the weekend, it was 8:45am. I was way behind. Danny was cool, he said no rush, but I got RB stuff to do and I know if I don’t finish blogging by 9:30, I get slammed with real work.

I first try to email Danny the list of topics I found over the weekend. Finally got things working and Danny got back to me with things he thought I should blog on. We typically match on what we find to be important, but today, he pulled out two things I would not have blogged without his suggestion.

As I begin writing, I am getting pinged via email, IM, several phone calls, three different walk-ins from employees at RB. I am like, so this is what computer lag is all about!

Internet congestion is what causes lag on someone’s computers. You typically find it on IRC chat rooms or online games. Anything that involves real time interaction, that is slowed due to Internet congestion, kinda is defined as lag.

I was experiencing lag! Still am, as I write this.

To make things worse, all of QuickBooks online services are not working. So that doesn’t help.

Anyway, as I type, I feel the letters and words are about a second or two behind when I click on the keys. In reality, it is instantaneous, but to me, it feels like a delay, a lag, if you will.

So weird. Any of you experience this feeling, while typing?

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